Light of Gray

Elder Care Expertise


Having dealt with my mother’s diminishing capabilities for a number of years now (and my father’s years before), I have acquired a wealth of knowledge which I have shared through my other blog and through various support groups to which I belong. We all need help, support and advice (and a place to rant). Now I am beginning the process of providing professional services to people in need.

I will continue to write about my personal journey with my mother’s care in the other blog. But here, in The Light of Gray, I will help you find your way through YOUR journey.

When you find yourself at that “uh-oh” place, when you realize there are questions you must start asking, I hope you’ll come here. By posing the questions and finding solid answers, together we can help more people like ourselves to cope with the evolving realities of caring for those we love and making the most of the time and resources we have left. Let’s cope and grow together.


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